The most common 1000 words in every language

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At Dino Lingo, we do everything possible to make sure the corpus (word list) we present reflects not only English but is inclusive of all languages we offer. Below are the top 2000 words from the corpora of TASA, American Literacy Council, GSL Brown and Webascorpus versus the word list we have prepared in consultation with our native speakers for each Dino Lingo language. Please note that Dino Lingo’s word list is not in order of frequency but is based on common word categories.

TASA (Touchstone Applied Science Associates) corpus, ALC (American Literacy Council Corpus), GSL(New General Service List), Brown (Brown Corpus), Webas (Web As Corpus).

Ranking TASA Corpus ALC GSL Brown Webas Dino Lingo Top 1000
1 IS the the THE the Flower
2 WAS of be OF        of Rock,
3 ARE and and A        and Cake,
4 BE to of AND        to House,
5 HAD a to TO        a Ball,
6 HAVE in a IN        in balloon,
7 WERE that in J        # Tree,
8 CAN for have G        that picture,
9 SAID is it F        is box,
10 PEOPLE was you THAT       it plant,
11 OTHER it he IS       for school,
12 WOULD he for WAS       was mountain
13 WILL i they HE       i BREAKFAST,
14 MANY as not FOR       on LUNCH
15 HAS with that IT       with DINNER
16 BEEN on we E       as BREAD
17 TIME his on H       be CHEESE
18 LIKE be with WITH       you HONEY
19 COULD at this AS       he MILK
20 MAY by I HIS       at EGG
21 TWO not do B       by WATER
22 NEW this as P       are JUICE
23 FIRST had at N       this apple
24 WATER you she ON       not banana
25 MADE but but K       have grapes
26 CALLED from from BE       but strawberry
27 MAKE or by S       from ICE CREAM
28 SEE which will I       had SALT
29 WAY an or L       his SUGAR
30 DID will say AT       they SOUP
31 USED we go BY       or SALAD
32 MUST her so THIS       which ORANGE
33 OUR she all HAD       an Orange JUICE
34 LITTLE has if C       she SNACK
35 KNOW him one D       we PANCAKE
36 WORK if would NOT       were WAFFLE
37 GET when about ARE       her TOAST
38 YEARS so can BUT       one BUTTER
39 LONG no which FROM       there PEPPER
40 DAY out there OR       all MAYONNAISE
41 USE up know HAVE       been MUSTARD
42 ANY can more THEY       their KETCHUP
43 MAN them get AN       if CHICKEN
44 THINGS about who YOU       has FRIES
45 SHOULD into like WHICH       will PIZZA
46 GO its when ONE       so PASTA
47 SAME than think WERE       can RICE
48 CAME me make HER       no BREAD
49 ANOTHER then time ALL       would FISH
50 GREAT do see SHE       what STEAK
51 STATES now what WE       when CHICKEN
52 OLD man up THERE       more SPAGHETTI
53 WORLD such some WOULD       up DESERT
54 DIFFERENT very other THEIR       out CEREAL
55 LIFE our out HIM       said MILKSHAKE
56 LOOK after good BEEN       who Flower
57 FOOD did people HAS       about Rock,
58 PART must year WHEN       do Cake,
59 WENT much take WHO       some WINDOW,
60 THINK well no T       them TABLE,
61 PLACE how well WILL       its CHAIR,
62 TAKE too because MORE       into LAMP,
63 IMPORTANT last very R       then TELEVISION,
64 HELP still just IF       time SOFA,
65 THREE see come NO       him BICYCLE,
66 FIND men could OUT       other BOOK,
67 COME long work SO       two Book shelf
68 FOUND get use WHAT       only CLOCK,
69 OWN just than M       like TELEPHONE,
70 AIR go now SAID       my TOY,
71 EARTH between then CAN       than kite
72 LARGE under also UP       could computer
73 MIGHT never into ITS       well KITCHEN
74 BODY us only ABOUT       now BEDROOM
75 EVERY off look INTO       your LIVING ROOM
76 HOUSE three want THAN       me BATHROOM
77 SCHOOL himself give THEM       over TOILET
78 THOUGHT without first ONLY 5//2 GARDEN
79 CHILDREN around new OTHER       just BACKYARD
80 MEN however way NEW       it’s ROOF
81 LAND home find SOME       new CEILING
82 LOOKED found over COULD       these PAINTING
83 EXAMPLE dear any TIME       also FRAME
84 GOVERNMENT went after THESE       any BAG
85 UNITED upon day TWO       first BASKET
86 BEING part where MAY       very LAMP
87 MOTHER don’t thing THEN       know CANDLE
88 HIGH got most FIRST       people TOWEL
89 FEW left should DO       see SHEET
90 YEAR number need ANY       after PILLOW
91 PUT until much MAN       such BLANKET
92 DON fact right MY       should CURTAIN
93 ENERGY public how NOW       where WALL
94 WANT think back SUCH       because BROOM
95 DOES hand mean LIKE       most POOL
96 PERSON far even OUR       how BUS STOP
97 ASKED yet may OVER       back PARK
98 LIGHT set here EVEN       get SHOP
99 FATHER end many ME       way APPLE
100 GOT didn’t such MOST      don’t CHERRY
101 NEED point last MADE      our STRAWBERRY
102 GOING next child AFTER      did GRAPE
103 BEGAN let tell ALSO      down MELON
104 SYSTEM room really DID      made LEMON
105 NUMBER within call MANY      right TOMATO
106 STATE children before MUST      between CARROT
107 LEFT given company BEFORE      got EGGPLANT
108 BIG order through THROUGH      er POTATO
109 SAY several down BACK      much PEAR
110 OTHERS rather show YEARS      work APRICOT
111 ANIMALS second life WHERE      years PEACH
112 TOOK form man MUCH      think WATERMELON
113 COUNTRY important change YOUR      many COCONUT
114 SAW often place WAY      being OLIVE
115 CITY send long DOWN      even BROCCOLI
116 AMERICAN big between WELL      go CAULIFLOWER
117 LIVE need feel SHOULD      those CHCIKPEAS
118 FAMILY four too BECAUSE      before GARLIC
119 LAST felt still EACH      yeah ONION
120 PLANTS along problem JUST      through MUSHROOM
121 FORM god write PEOPLE      good CUCUMBER
122 MONEY saw same THOSE      us LETTUCE
123 END best lot HOW      three PLUM
124 WORDS church great STATE      make PEPPER
125 HAND ever try MR      m BERRIES
126 WAR power leave LITTLE      last GRAPEFRUIT
127 LIVING development number TOO      still MANDARIN
128 TELL thing both WORLD      take PINEAPPLE
129 USUALLY family own GOOD      ll FIGS
130 YOUNG interest part VERY      must CABBAGE
131 HEAD turned point MAKE      own KIWIFRUIT
132 EYES problem little STILL      year DATE
133 KEEP began help MEN      off POMEGRANATE
134 READ different ask OWN      both AVOCADO
135 ROOM help meet SEE      say ASPARAGUS
136 SET perhaps start WORK      too OKRA
137 KIND itself talk HERE      oh PARSLEY
138 GROUP it’s something LONG      come RADISH
139 WHITE law put GET      here CELERY
140 KNEW body another BETWEEN      that’s WALNUT
141 CHANGE history become BOTH      used HAZELNUT
142 BECOME whether interest BEING      mr PEANUT
143 NIGHT across country UNDER      going PISTACHIO
144 SEVERAL act old LIFE      erm CHESTNUT
145 LET feet each DAY      little CASHEWS
146 TOLD past school YEAR      use SUNFLOWER
147 GIVE seen late NEVER      same SEEDS
148 SUN week high ANOTHER      under BEANS
149 POWER car different SAME      each NUTS
150 SIDE i’m off KNOW      however PUMPKIN
151 NAME tell next WHILE      might umbrealla
152 FOUR shall end LAST      day DRESS
153 BUSINESS together live US      another SHIRT
154 CERTAIN held why MIGHT      yes SHOES
155 BETTER keep while GREAT      put SOCKS
156 EARLY probably world OLD      again HAT
157 HARD free week OFF      government SWEATER
158 WANTED cannot play COME      long JACKET
159 BECAME political might SINCE      against JEANS
160 PARTS air must GO      want PANTS
161 TIMES ago home AGAINST      man GLOVES
162 KNOWN federal never CAME      need SCARF
163 INFORMATION moment include RIGHT      while SKIRT
164 WAYS study course USED      life COAT
165 THING street house TAKE      world BOOTS
166 LATER economic report STATES      thought WATCH
167 WORD south group THREE      per BRACELET
168 SECOND job case HIMSELF      part EARRING
169 FACE west woman FEW      never NECKLACE
170 MEANS turn around HOUSE      old RING
171 DOOR seem book USE      look UNDERPANTS
172 SEEN am family DURING      home ZIPPER
173 BLACK can’t seem WITHOUT      does POCKET
174 MOVE department let AGAIN      something SLEEVE
175 CELLS common again PLACE      house SHORT PANTS
176 FEEL father kind AMERICAN      course HIJAB
177 DAYS girl keep AROUND      since BELT
178 SPECIAL six hear HOWEVER      number EYE
179 PRESIDENT further system HOME      end NOSE
180 AMERICA land every SMALL      why EAR
181 MAKING feel question FOUND      away TOOTH (TEETH)
182 SHOW party during MRS      place HAND
183 MATTER effect always DON      different LEG
184 LIVED run big THOUGHT      found FOOT (FEET)
185 ORDER short set WENT      great FACE
186 TURNED morning small GENERAL      really HAIR
187 BOY total study SAY      local ARM
188 MORNING art follow ONCE      went FINGER
189 LEARN class begin PART      within KNEE
190 SEA miss important HIGH      four WRIST
191 ABLE north since UPON      case NAIL
192 COURSE plan run SCHOOL      left SHOULDER
193 MRS sound under EVERY      next CHEEK
194 HALF top turn DOES      came BELLY
195 JOB hard few GOT      without BACK
196 FELT strong bring UNITED      always CHEST
197 LINE various early LEFT      set HEAD
198 GIVEN mean hand NUMBER      though FOREHEAD
199 FEET soon state COURSE      system CHIN
200 GENERAL value move UNTIL      give LIPS
201 STUDY modern money WAR      didn’t TONGUE
202 SEEMED red fact ALWAYS      during NECK
203 DONE tax however LET      around MUSTACHE
204 AMOUNT that’s area AWAY      few BEARD
205 HEARD nor provide SOMETHING      small TAIL
206 CANNOT living name FACT      mean WING
207 GROW started read PUBLIC      although EAT
208 KINDS book friend WATER      rather DRINK
209 POINT longer month LL      social SLEEP
210 HUMAN cut large THOUGH      children WALK
211 RIVER greater business LESS      given RUN
212 CHANGES expected without PUT      things STOP
213 AREA needed information THINK      find PLAY
214 LOOKING kept open ALMOST      second DANCE
215 PROBLEMS dark order GOVERNMENT      until COME
216 NEEDED ground government FAR      five GO
217 CHILD spirit word HAND      quite LISTEN
218 WOMEN i’ll issue ENOUGH      group TALK
219 RED return market TOOK      far show me
220 CONTROL support pay HEAD      point sit down
221 POLITICAL beyond build NIGHT      says stand up
222 PROBLEM report hold YET      every wake up
223 GROUPS amount service SYSTEM      important KICK
224 EAT feeling against SET      less JUMP
225 PAPER hundred believe BETTER      later SING
226 BOOK industry second CITY      public READ
227 FACT simply though NOTHING      cent WRITE
228 FRONT tried yes TOLD      information LOOK
229 PUBLIC sending love PRESIDENT      high SIT
230 COLD ten increase END      general STANDUP
231 POSSIBLE getting job DIDN      state GIVE
232 STORY rest plan WHY      party TAKE
233 WHOLE care result CALLED      national OPEN
234 CAR indeed away LOOK      took CLOSE
235 IDEA medical example ASKED      often ASK
236 GAVE subject happen EYES      once WATCH
237 SURFACE bring offer FIND      help DRAW
238 OPEN meeting young GOING      you’re PAINT
239 TOP need close NEXT      fact WEAR
240 TREES passed program LATER      money SEE
241 LAW similar lead BUSINESS      I’ve SMELL
242 PLAY property buy KNEW      seen TOUCH
243 BLOOD training understand GIVE      school HEAR
244 COMMON county thank POINT      example WAIT
245 SOCIAL hot far GROUP      company WAKEUP
246 RUN market today PROGRAM      further STUDY
247 PROBABLY start hour YOUNG      head WORK
248 LEARNED wasn’t student TOWARD      british SPEAK
249 HEAT story face JOHN      whether CATCH
250 FORCE suddenly hope DAYS      men SMILE
251 STARTED considered idea SIDE      told LAUGH
252 AGE hall cost ROOM      business CRY
253 GROUND effort less SOCIAL      best CLIMB
254 MIND sat room GIVEN      better RIDE
255 STOOD hair until PRESENT      mm SEARCH
256 BROUGHT stand reason SEVERAL      area FIND
257 PICTURE food form NATIONAL      taken HIDE
258 TRY meet spend CHILDREN      done Have
259 TURN thinking head ORDER      large COOK
260 MAKES club car RATHER      having LOOK
261 SPACE sent learn SECOND      order WANT
262 GOODS yes level POSSIBLE      form DO
263 CARE bill person PER      water MAKE
264 ENGLISH hell experience AMONG      night MIX
265 PROCESS hour once FACE      yet get
266 USING industrial member FORM      thing be
267 TABLE points enough LOOKED      possible shake
268 KING bad bad THINGS      perhaps taste
269 PLANT directly city WHITE      early wish
270 SAT due night IMPORTANT      hand wash
271 HANDS method able OFTEN      already start
272 WEST moral support EARLY      women fall
273 STRONG record whether CASE      family return
274 PLACES weeks line BECOME      london hurt
275 FISH according present BIG      face Thank
276 SHORT remember side FOUR      called want
277 TAKEN member quite LARGE      looked use
278 KEPT southern although NEED      young feel
279 FIGURE understand sure WITHIN      side Say
280 PARTY western term FELT      there’s Leave
281 FRIENDS normal least ALONG      days tell
282 OFFICE strength age GOD      nothing call
283 HEALTH district low CHURCH      he’s try
284 DARK ran speak BEST      development STUDENT
285 HOT summer within SAW      power TEACHER
286 TOWN continued process EVER      change DOCTOR
287 CAUSE evening public LEAST      asked NURSE
288 PARENTS friend often POWER      enough FIREMAN
289 MILES list train COUNTRY      john POLICE
290 HELD army possible DEVELOPMENT      round DENTIST
291 FULL consider actually FAMILY      support PILOT
292 HAIR led rather SEEMED      almost ARTIST
293 CLOSE met view LIGHT      least DRIVER
294 MAJOR former together INTEREST      can’t Engineer
295 CLASS husband consider U      service Waiter
296 TYPE step price WANT      political Cook
297 WOMAN direct parent AREA      whole astronout
298 CITIES farm hard MEMBERS      week businessman
299 CUT oil party THING      together HAPPY
300 WORKING planning local MIND      six SAD
301 ENGLAND theory control TODAY      become ANGRY
302 FIRE ask already DONE      able UPSET
303 FREE forms concern OTHERS      market THINKING
304 RAN freedom product TURNED      open scared
305 EUROPE movement lose ALTHOUGH      half SHOCKED
306 GREEN bed story OPEN      members SURPRISED
307 AMERICANS fear almost COMPANY      times THINKING
308 SIZE lot continue SERVICE      council DISGUSTED
309 OCEAN spring stand THUS      himself hungry – full
310 SCIENTISTS treatment whole BEGAN      tell thirsty
311 UNDERSTAND apparently yet CERTAIN      room BIG-SMALL
312 AM degree rate DIFFERENT      particular HEAVY-LIGHT
313 MIDDLE herself care KIND      control SHORT-TALL
314 BUILT i’ve expect MEANS      working SLOW – FAST
315 DOG numbers effect DOOR      p HOT-COLD
316 MATERIALS plant sort PROBLEM      problem OPEN – CLOSE
317 MOVED respect ever SENSE      full OLD-YOUNG
318 RESULT feed anything HELP      major HARD – SOFT
319 SHOWN running cause WHOLE      country FULL – EMPTY
320 HEAR level fall YORK      court WET-DRY
321 PERIOD arms deal PERHAPS      lot NEAR – FAR
322 HEART persons water MATTER      doing THICK – THIN
323 CALL understanding send ITSELF      others UGLY-PRETTY
324 WRITE march allow LAW      anything FAT-SKINNY
325 BOYS stop soon TIMES      act WHITE-BLACK
326 VOICE main watch HUMAN      eyes NEW – OLD
327 FOLLOWING obviously base LINE      towards CLEAN-DIRTY
328 TREE oh probably NAME      interest STRONG-WEAK
329 STUDENTS reported suggest ABOVE      report RICH-POOR
330 MEMBERS steps past ACTION      war HAPY-SAD
331 AREAS test power EXAMPLE      problems GOOD-BAD
332 TRIED account test LOCAL      either A LITTLE –A LOT
333 SHOWS gun visit FIVE      making EASY-HARD
334 NATURAL activity center SHOW      police DEEP-SHALLOW
335 CASE figures grow WHETHER      held SAME-DIFFERENT
336 HAVING fiscal nothing GAVE      available HIGH-LOW
337 PAY green return HANDS      sort OWN-OTHER’S
338 PAGE hit mother RE      keep DAY – NIGHT
339 INTEREST lead walk ACT      mind DARK – LIGHT
340 OIL length matter WEEK      research LEFT-RIGHT
341 LANGUAGE forward mind ACROSS      following Early – LATE
342 WORKERS latter value HISTORY      ever ALL- NONE
343 SOIL born office EITHER      road UP-DOWN
344 REST plans record PAST      level IN – OUT
345 MOUNTAINS pool stay FEET      terms SLEEPY – AWAKE
346 SIX seven force QUITE      probably ALONE- TOGETHER
347 TRUE parts stop TAKEN      bit UP-DOWN
348 LEVEL pattern several ANYTHING      law LEFT-RIGHT
349 BELIEVE wish light CAR      car NORTH-SOUTH
350 COUNTRIES he’s develop HAVING      means ABOVE-BELOW
351 NATIONAL son remember DEATH      felt NEAR-FAR
352 REAL cars bit BODY      #s Here – There
353 HISTORY shot share SEEN      show Straight-Crooked
355 ROCK extent answer HALF      education BACK- FORTH
356 PHYSICAL hospital sit REALLY      policy BEFORE-AFTER
357 TALK standard figure WORD      top FACT-FICTION
358 IDEAS deep letter EXPERIENCE      question PREVIOUS – NEXT
359 WALKED democratic decide ALREADY      actually YES-NO
360 BUILDING effects language INFORMATION      looking red
361 MEAN expect subject THEMSELVES      past blue
362 REMEMBER none class WORDS      feel green
363 CHAPTER thanks development TELL      let yellow
364 MOVING continue town SHALL      labor purple
365 ANIMAL elements half PERIOD      name orange
366 LOT mouth minute TOGETHER      known brown
367 STOP afternoon food COLLEGE      above black
368 COMPANY agreement break KEEP      saw pink
369 CENTURY factors clear HELD      clear triange
370 DOING hardly future MONEY      view rectangle
371 GIRL limited either SURE      main star
372 ANSWER interested ago FREE      services square
373 PRESENT current per PROBABLY      present circle
374 CONGRESS I’d remain REAL      big Sunday
375 INDIVIDUAL spent top SEEMS      they’re Monday
376 REASON exactly among BEHIND      office Tuesday
377 EAST teeth win CANNOT      health Wednesday
378 QUESTIONS demand color POLITICAL      using Thursday
379 STREET bit involve AIR      million Friday
380 LONGER director reach BOY      months Saturday
381 PERCENT events social MISS      care Holiday
382 TEMPERATURE standing period VE      body yesterday
383 BEHAVIOR doctor across MAKING      book today
384 SLOWLY meant note OFFICE      period tomorrow
385 NATION talking history QUESTION      across last week
386 WON walk create BROUGHT      including this week
387 FIELD gas drive WHOSE      knew next week
388 MAIN isn’t along MOTHER      c one week ago
389 QUICKLY thousand type INDIVIDUAL      voice one week after
390 MATERIAL arm sound MOMENT      black Month
391 MAP film eye SPECIAL      sure January
392 TEACHER proper music HEARD      words February
393 QUESTION remain game BECAME      line March
394 PRODUCE sea political FEDERAL      kind April
395 CELL park free MAJOR      along may
396 FLOOR lord receive STUDY      several June
397 FRIEND project moment KNOWN      white July
398 PROVIDE fell sale CHILD      economic August
399 PASSED thin policy PROBLEMS      person September
400 WIND complex further RESULT      start October
401 THIRD develop body STREET      areas November
402 GONE dinner require WOMAN      itself December
403 PRESSURE operating wait AVAILABLE      effect Season
404 SUBJECT corporation general ECONOMIC      door Fall
405 LAWS hadn’t appear AGO      today Winter
406 WARM add toward AM      themselves Spring
407 ACT carry team BOARD      minister Summer
408 TEN enemy easy POSITION      likely second
409 LINES greatest individual WIFE      turned minute
410 BUY king full DEPARTMENT      therefore hour
411 ECONOMIC loss black SOCIETY      english day
412 POOR read sense SOUTH      south week
413 CENTER regard perhaps COURT      subject month
414 SOCIETY computers add REASON      upon year
415 WORKED facts rule CHANGE      position century
416 COMING significant pass WEST      real morning
417 BED he’d produce JOB      centre noon
418 READING reports sell AREAS      light afternoon
419 SENTENCE sex short CLOSE      community evening
420 SINGLE jet agree COMMUNITY      began night
421 BLUE opening law LOVE      process midnight
422 YORK prevent everything TURN      society past
423 DEVELOPED remembered research FULL      staff future
424 PRODUCTS requirements cover COST      b night
425 JOHN ship paper SEEM      among midnight
426 CLEAR speed position TRUE      behind Napkin
427 STOPPED spread near FORCE      future Trash bag
428 SUDDENLY team human AGE      hard Toilet paper
429 HOLD winter computer CENTER      love detergent
430 GREW capital situation GIRL      read Diapers
431 POPULATION read staff VOICE      wanted Canned tuna
432 ASK begin activity FUTURE      provide Olive Oil
433 BRITISH catholic film PARTY      job Pasta (in a pack)
434 GETTING protested morning TOWN      seemed Meat
435 ENVIRONMENT round war WANTED      international Sousage
436 START subjects account COMMON      gave post office
437 DEEP trip shop UNIVERSITY      result play ground
438 SAYS bank major WOMEN      special fitness centre/gym
439 MOMENT interests someone CONTROL      action hospital
440 MILLION mark above FOLLOWING      study fire station
441 COMES offer design NECESSARY      certain library
442 OXYGEN bar event SOMETIMES      matter barber shop
443 SIMPLE drink special FATHER      became pharmacy
444 HAPPENED fresh sometimes FRONT      pay shoe store
445 LOST interesting condition POLICY      particularly Shopping mall
446 FORMS reality carry SIX      you’ve museum
447 DECIDED term choose CLEAR      taking amusement park
448 HOURS agreed father LAND      city Bank
449 ROAD apartment decision STUDENTS      difficult Restaurant
450 SENT essential table FEEL      management Supermarket
451 INDIANS event certain PROVIDE      run Convenience Store
452 BEGINNING index forward AMERICA      mother Police station
453 CHANGED indicate main FURTHER      england Train station
454 BEGIN model die ABLE      age Bus Station
455 NECESSARY solid bear EFFECT      sense zoo
456 ACCOUNT difficulty cut MUSIC      north amusement park
457 VARIOUS economy describe RUN      evidence public park
458 HUNDRED editor himself WASHINGTON      outside Beach
459 DEATH enter available EDUCATION      experience Cinema
460 BASIC fast especially MILITARY      child Market/Bazaar
461 DEVELOPMENT literary strong STOOD      idea Grocery store
462 WRITTEN memory rise SHORT      play Supermarket
463 BOOKS murder girl TOTAL      west Post office
464 SELF turning maybe LEVEL      mrs Police station
465 GROWING ability community MORNING      front Bridge
466 LATE fair else BLACK      try Tunnel
467 FRENCH personnel particular OUTSIDE      land Subway
468 SHALL pointed role RATE      close Museum
469 EDUCATION rich join ART      seems Traffic lights
470 SERVICE selected difficult FIGURE      third toothpaste
471 SERVICES standards please CLASS      meeting toothbrush
472 READY killed detail LEAVE      free hair gel
473 COLOR membership difference NORTH      cost bath tub
474 LEAVE powers action THEREFORE      moment shampoo
475 BALL camp health USUALLY      believe conditioner
476 FEDERAL fit eat CENTURY      training faucet
477 STAY chapter step EVIDENCE      turn soap
478 GOLD contrast true MILLION      range blender
479 NATURE faculty phone O      s stove
480 FORMED master themselves PLAN      woman refrigretor
481 BAD platform draw SOUND      european dish washer
482 OBJECT plus white TOP      thus toaster
483 SEEM sharp date HARD      britain coffee maker
484 ICE die practice PLAY      god tea kettle
485 COURT factor model STRONG      sometimes microwave
486 LARGER aircraft raise ROAD      needs plate
487 WINDOW shelter customer VARIOUS      common bowl
488 GROWTH song front SAYS      death spoon
489 PARTICULAR sweet explain SECRETARY      leave fork
490 CARRIED allow door SOON      shall jar
491 EASY command outside SURFACE      trade knife
492 SENSE everybody behind BELIEVE      church cup
493 STORE evil economic BROWN      move math
494 LEAVES levels site TABLE      morning history
495 DRY liberal approach TYPE      soon science
496 TRADE lips teacher VALUE      father physical ed.
497 SKY ordered land LINES      short football
498 RAIN politics charge MEAN      involved basketball
499 COVERED seek finally MODERN      getting baseball
500 TAKES teachers sign NEAR      ten volleyball
501 GAS weather claim PEACE      wasn’t tennis
502 REACHED willing relationship RED      brought table tennis
503 ESPECIALLY carrying travel TAX      coming boxing
504 LIVES column enjoy PERSONAL      late skiing
505 HEAVY constant death SITUATION      century wrestling
506 BRING historical nice BOOK      table jogging
507 TAKING leading amount INCREASE      whose ambulance
508 ACTION let’s improve NOR      ago fire truck
509 RATE practical picture ENGLISH      human taxi
510 TRYING projects boy IDEA      industry school bus
511 POSITION protection regard MINUTES      groups car
512 UNION stands organization NATURE      else bus
513 SKIN starting happy PROCESS      central ship
514 LAY statements couple STARTED      changes boat
515 SPEED traffic act GONE      united motorcycle
516 SUMMER won range LIVING      heard airplane
517 CARRY box quality LONGER      rate helicopter
518 LETTER drawn project MONTHS      history truck
519 PLAN dust round DR      programme train
520 FOLLOWED independence opportunity ALONE      usually To set the table
521 PROGRAM independent road CUT      lost To wash dishes
522 HIGHER completed accord FINALLY      call To do the laundry
523 AFRICA she’d list SCHOOLS      street To clean the room
524 DIFFICULT sit wish PRIVATE      I’d To do the vacuum
525 EXPERIENCE actions therefore THIRD      section To make the bed
526 SUPPORT animal wear FIRE      word To throw the garbage
527 MASS directed fund SECTION      hundred To mow the lawn
528 WALL electric rest CALL      food To do the grocery
529 LEARNING electronic kid GREATER      language To turn the lights on
530 BORN frank industry GROUND      ask To turn the lights off
531 ACTIVITIES asking education KEPT      building To turn the ac on
532 SIMILAR career measure VIEW      we’re To turn the ac off
533 LOWER cell kill EXPECTED      based Swimming
534 FOODS chairman serve PRESSURE      hours Playing tennis
535 ISLAND dress likely UNION      gone Playing soccer
536 MOUTH estimated certainly BASIS      remember Playing basketball
537 WINTER flat national DARK      sir Playing volleyball
538 MOON imagination itself EVERYTHING      indeed Playing baseball
539 JOBS impact teach INDUSTRY      air Playing golf
540 RUNNING object field NEEDED      price Winter sports
541 ROCKS objects security EAST      team Track and field
542 LED passing air REQUIRED      similar Working out
543 WESTERN rapidly benefit SPACE      committee jogging
544 TYPES sleep trade SPIRIT      reason Fishing
545 DATA arts risk COMPLETE      yesterday Hunting
546 IRON minimum news ELSE      individual Travelling
547 FALL yards standard EXCEPT      cases Shopping
548 HOUR chair vote VALUES      single Skiing
549 MODERN cutting percent MOVED      certainly Camping
550 CHEMICAL domestic focus RETURN      data Dancing
551 WIDE dramatic stage SUPPORT      role Playing billiards
552 NAMED ends space WROTE      class Drawing
553 TOTAL experiments instead CONDITIONS      saying Cycling
554 PRODUCED fingers realize HOPE      near Gardening
555 WOOD forest usually LATE      necessary Martial arts
556 AVAILABLE kill data PERSON      states Cooking
557 INCLUDE narrow single RECENT      hands Singing
558 GREATER parker address PARTICULAR      trying Hammer
559 WEEK powerful performance ATTENTION      companies ladder
560 GAME shop chance NATIONS      value screwdriver
561 PRICE signal accept COSTS      true nail
562 ATTENTION argument society LIVE      authority pliers
563 CAREFULLY aspects technology COULDN      minutes scissors
564 MISS benefit mention NATION      private (Tape) measure
565 INCOME cool choice ST      nature Yard
566 NATIONS credit save TAKING      isn’t Garden
567 SUPPOSE desk common COMING      total couch
568 FOLLOW died culture FORCES      especially chair
569 TINY discussed total HOURS      personal Television
570 STONE dominant demand INSIDE      return Computer
571 KNOWLEDGE feelings material ISLAND      everything Picture
572 THINKING fund limit MATERIAL      patients Table
573 BEAUTIFUL gets listen REPORT      east Coffee table
574 NEARLY hung due SON      simply Door
575 WEATHER jobs wrong BEYOND      type Window
576 OPENED join foot DATA      member Living room
577 FARM kid effort DEAD      figure Bedroom
578 MONTHS metal attention HEART      date Bathroom
579 CURRENT minister upon LOOKING      department Toilet
580 GENERALLY permit check LOW      hope Garage
581 SHIP pleasure complete AMOUNT      doesn’t Fence
582 TEETH portion lie FOLLOWED      cut Receipt
583 GIRLS possibly pick INSTEAD      systems Shop clerk
584 PIECE senate reduce LOST      seven First floor
585 WALK sets personal MAKES      she’s Second floor
586 INCREASE speaking ground MILES      eight Third floor
587 VIEW speech animal READ      union Bag
588 EASILY tests arrive SINGLE      practice Plastic bag
589 MEET they’re patient STAGE      deal Suitcase
590 SNOW travel current WON      town Wallet
591 RIGHTS twenty century ADDED      someone Big size
592 DEAL vast evidence BASIC      bank Small size
593 DIRECTION victory exist COLD      europe Credit Card
594 LOVE contact similar HUNDRED      former Sale
595 ELEMENTS contract fight INCLUDING      provided Special price
596 SUPPLY ended leader MOVE      french Wholesale
597 HELPED existing fine RESEARCH      live Cash register
598 HORSE experiment street DEVELOPED      increase Mother-in-law
599 FARMERS garden former FEELING      started Father-in-law
600 FINE keeping contact PAY      #m My in-laws (does not exist in every language)
601 INDIAN maintain particularly TRIED      paper Father’s father
602 STAND moon wife REACHED      cos Father’s mother
603 BROWN onto sport SIMPLY      #th Mother’s father
604 PERSONAL slow prepare HOLD      low Mother’s mother
605 FRANCE soft discuss COMMITTEE      decision Father’s brother (uncle)
606 FOREST streets response ACTUALLY      countries Father’s sister
607 METAL task voice ADMINISTRATION      financial Mother’s brother
608 BROTHER text piece CENTRAL      UK Mother’s sister (aunt)
609 MACHINE acting finish DEFENSE      seem Niece
610 BUILD associated suppose EARTH      makes Cousin
611 SCIENCE beach apply SHOWN      expected Brother
612 THOUSANDS drop president KENNEDY      earlier Sister
613 CHINA exist fire BEGINNING      required Older brother
614 PLACED lie compare EQUIPMENT      issue Younger brother
615 STARS novel court GETTING      tax Baby
616 LABOR parties police SORT      stage mother
617 ADDED plants store TEN      we’ve father
618 EFFECT roof poor TH      longer Person
619 TEST songs knowledge FRIENDS      quality People
620 FELL tree laugh RECEIVED      talk Man
621 FEELING ultimate arm RELIGIOUS      account Woman
622 DISTANCE critical heart RIVER      couldn’t Bride
623 WATCH establish source TERMS      higher Groom
624 MOVEMENT fairly employee TRYING      american Husband
625 WIFE grounds manage CARE      foreign Wife
626 SHAPE leg simply ESPECIALLY      concerned Boyfriend
627 CONDITIONS orders bank MEDICAL      approach Girlfriend
628 RESOURCES sky firm DIFFICULT      parents Reception desk
629 RICH entrance cell DOING      needed Appointment
630 COMMUNITY flowers article INDEED      v Battery
631 PICTURES permitted fast SUBJECT      herself Business card
632 ATOMS professor attack BUILDING 3//1 Document
633 VILLAGE replied foreign FINE      ground Manager
634 BELIEVED spot surprise PICTURE      wouldn’t Boss
635 VALUE animals feature RANGE      university Project
636 WEIGHT avoid factor REST      strong Project manager
637 RECORD draw pretty SIMPLE      na Presentation
638 EYE evident recently MEETING      president Projector
639 FILLED fifteen affect BRING      situation Computer
640 DEAD granted drop FLOOR      recent Folder
641 LOCAL hat recent FOREIGN      comes Printer
642 COST intensity relate HIGHER      according Copy machine
643 STRANGE regarded official WALL      offer Invoice
644 RETURN wheel financial PAPER      rest Bill
645 SCHOOLS wind miss SIMILAR      living Receipt
646 GLASS apart art WALKED      friend Paper clip
647 CENTRAL appearance campaign COUNTY      wrong Pen
648 MOLECULES artist private FINAL      force Piece of paper
649 HUGE begins pause PASSED      production Meeting
650 TALL birds everyone PROPERTY      wife Appointment
651 NOR components forget ENGLAND      won’t Speaker
652 SMALLER conduct page GROWTH      club Microphone
653 BANK conducted worry MARKET      schools Smart phone
654 PER cross summer NATURAL      final Charger
655 STEP demands drink POLICE      board Electric outlet
656 FORCES divided opinion TRAINING      due Taxi
657 PULLED extended park CENT      conditions Driver
658 REGION firms represent CONGRESS      lord Luggage
659 BRAIN fort key HALL      results taximeter
660 MOUNTAIN identity inside INTERNATIONAL      twenty Sightseeing
661 MEANING minicomputer manager TALK      amount Temple
662 FAMILIES plenty international WASN      greater Shrine
663 BIRDS properly contain WILLIAM      various Mosque
664 PAID rooms notice WRITTEN      costs Church
665 BOTTOM runs wonder START      include Synagogue
666 LEAD sounds nature SUDDENLY      secretary Touristic site
667 PURPOSE wagon structure CLUB      award Palace
668 DEVELOP win section HEAR      weeks Museum
669 FOOT academic myself ANSWER      art Tour
670 FUTURE airport exactly CONSIDERED      led Tour guide
671 SON description plant COUNTRIES      paid Ticket
672 BOX faced paint LIKELY      clearly Entrance fee
673 SLEEP forget worker STORY      bring Extra fee
674 SYSTEMS lake press WORKING      project thing
675 CAUSES putting whatever ISSUE      field world
676 BEAR republican necessary NEEDS      bad life
677 HOUSES risk region SAT      understand part
678 SPECIFIC soil growth ENTIRE      added point
679 ABILITY supported evening LABOR      shown government
680 ACTUALLY artists influence CASES      record company
681 PRODUCTION chest respect DIFFERENCE      plan group
682 CAPITAL content various HAPPENED      what’s individual
683 DOCTOR depth catch MEET      bed problem
684 BABY payment thus RESULTS      hospital solution
685 TERMS percent skill STAND      music One
686 BALANCE practically attempt STOCK      ways two
687 SEEMS pushed son HAIR      forward three
688 PASS remarks simple HUSBAND      described four
689 SPEAK sin medium PRODUCTION 4//215 five
690 CHURCH spend average PURPOSE      goes six
691 ARMS troops stock BILL      royal seven
692 REACH welfare management FALL      decided eight
693 ORGANISMS wet character INCREASED      workers nine
694 MINUTES wonderful bed PARTICULARLY      stop ten
695 COMPUTER attend hit BELOW      red zero
696 ONES centers establish EARLIER      friends eleven
697 BASED conflict indeed EFFORT      david twelve
698 PRODUCT correct final FOOD      planning thirteen
699 STORIES detective economy HOUR      june fourteen
700 ADDITION developing fit INVOLVED      poor fifteen
701 CAUSED element guy LETTER      students sixteen
702 WROTE establishment function PAID      chapter seventeen
703 SPRING flesh yesterday SENT      easy eighteen
704 SOURCE hero image WHOM      followed nineteen
705 STEPS trust size ANYONE      knowledge twenty
706 CONSIDERED band behavior KNOWLEDGE      agreed twenty-one
707 DISEASE protestant addition USING      lead thirty
708 SOUTHERN thank determine BOYS      basis thirty one
709 PRACTICE you’d station CERTAINLY      despite forty
710 STRUCTURE bedroom population CHRISTIAN      points fourty one
711 GOD burning fail INDUSTRIAL      game fifty
712 TROUBLE extra environment POINTS      tried fifty one
713 CARBON fill production READY      answer sixty
714 CASES fundamental contract SQUARE      series sixty one
715 MACHINES pair player THINKING      instead seventy
716 MARKET proud comment ADDITION      current seventy one
717 WAVES till enter BLUE      st eighty
718 HAPPY agree occur DUE      works eighty one
719 METHOD approval alone GIRLS      news ninety
720 COMPLETE begun significant METHODS      below ninety one
721 NOTICE count drug MORAL      green one hundred
722 PARTICLES depends wall TRADE      natural one hinder and one
723 DIED milk series WEEKS      questions two hundred
724 NUMBERS millions direct BAD      allowed three hundred
725 TALKING operator success COLOR      anyone four hundred
726 WRONG partly tomorrow DEAL      moved five hundred
727 THEORY request director DECIDED      month six hundred
728 BECOMES speaker clearly DIRECTLY      sound seven hundred
729 SEVEN sports lack IDEAS      please eight hundred
730 GOES assembly review METHOD      d nine hundred
731 INDUSTRY comparison depend NEARLY      meet one thousand
732 EQUIPMENT computer race NEITHER      simple ten thousand
733 OBJECTS drinking recognize SHOWED      structure one hundred thousand
734 BILL formal window STATEMENT      security one million
735 ELECTRONS grand purpose SUMMER      girl one billion
736 WATCHED limit department THROUGHOUT      met one trillion
737 SHIPS personality gain QUESTIONS      kept second
738 WALLS pink tree TRY      test third
739 CLOTHES screen college ACCORDING      inside fourth
740 RESEARCH she’s argue FRENCH      died fifth
741 STUDENT shooting board YES      de sixth
742 SECTION sorry holiday LAY      computer seventh
743 MET suit mark PHYSICAL      running eighth
744 SITTING swung church READING      studies nineth
745 TRAVEL considering machine ARMY      fire tenth
746 COAST employment achieve COMES      alone eleventh
747 GRASS fears item PROGRAMS      written twentieth
748 STANDING grant prove RECORD      hair one hundredth
749 CLEAN instrument cent REMEMBER      carried one thousandth
750 CONTINUED models season SOUTHERN      nine Headache
751 HELPS movements floor WESTERN      capital Tootache
752 DISCOVERED northern stuff MEMBER      manager stomachache
753 FEELINGS ring wide NORMAL      share Backache
754 WASHINGTON safety anyone SERVICES      feet Constipation
755 ARMY singing method SIZE      material Dierrhea
756 LIQUID skin analysis STRENGTH      attention Pain
757 REQUIRED stairs election APPEARED      considered Cavity
758 HAPPEN aspect military CONCERNED      bill Gums
759 THOUSAND bonds hotel FRIEND      sent Receipt
760 CARS centuries club MERELY      letter Health Insurance
761 CHARGE chamber below POPULATION      success Hospital
762 USES difficulties movie UNDERSTAND      agreement Emergency
763 ARM electrical doctor DISTRICT      hold Pharmacy
764 TERM identified discussion RAN      heart Cold (as a disease)
765 POLICY liberty sorry STUDENT      story Sore throat
766 ANSWERED panels challenge TEMPERATURE      hear Rash
767 LIKED recommended nation TRIAL      happened Fever
768 SOUNDS shut nearly TROUBLE      model Nausea
769 LEADERS trend statement VOLUME      movement Insect bite
770 GIVES adopted link AID      analysis Sun burn
771 UNIT calling despite CONTINUED      received Pain killer
772 LOOKS cast introduce DIRECTION      #-# Pill
773 KITCHEN containing advantage MAYBE      cause Surgery
774 THIN cup ready SALES      evening Infection
775 LEGS depend marry ASSOCIATION      legal Vitamin supplements
776 MUSCLES discovery strike GEORGE      population Stitches
777 FIELDS elsewhere mile INFLUENCE      increased Wound
778 SOVIET expenditures seek LED      modern Cancer (disease)
779 ACCOUNTS feels ability LIST      performance Shot (needle)
780 NORTHERN meat unit MET      environment Rent a car service
781 BRIGHT sheet card PROVIDED      talking Car insurance
782 ELECTRIC steel hospital SCIENCE      books Full coverage
783 SENTENCES sum quickly CHANCE      fine Drivers licence
784 GEORGE target interview CHANGES      thinking International driver’s licence
785 FLAT amounts agreement EVENING      authorities Gas Station
786 RECEIVED artery release GENERALLY      rights Regular gas
787 ELECTRICITY atomic tax LITERATURE      design Full tank please
788 COLONIES author solution MONTH      press Resting area
789 CONSTITUTION avenue capital OPENED      chance Highway
790 HOMES bond popular AVERAGE      growth Toll
791 RULE burden specific FORMER      produced Hello
792 CRIED considerably beautiful FREEDOM      theory Good bye
793 INVOLVED developments fear HOT      nice How are you? -Good
794 LENGTH driven aim SERIES      haven’t Thank you. -You’re welcome
795 EQUAL enjoy television SOVIET      whatever Yes
796 LANDS errors serious STEP      built No
797 MEANT fired target DIRECT      dark OK
798 OLDER fun degree EFFECTIVE      relationship Not OK
799 SOFT helping pull LEAD      middle Good morning. -Good morning.
800 MILK hundreds red MYSELF      standard Good night. -Good night
801 RULES listed husband PIECE      complete Delicious!
802 SPREAD odd access WOULDN      space What, where, who
803 RELATED path movement WRONG      whom Student
804 INCREASED seeking treat ASK      sea Teacher
805 LARGEST spirits identify CLEARLY      finally board
806 NAMES angry loss FORMS      parties marker
807 CONSIDER consists shall HOTEL      size janitor
808 LETTERS dirt modern MOVEMENT      list desk
809 COLLEGE drama pressure ORGANIZATION      king notebook
810 MUSIC heads bus STOPPED      property book
811 ASIA heaven treatment SYSTEMS      gon pencil
812 CHANCE insisted yourself THEORY      giving pen
813 EXACTLY investment supply WORKED      feeling backpack
814 PROPERTY iron village BEAUTIFUL      worked bag
815 FIG lawyer worth CAUSE      key Uniform
816 RESULTS lifted natural CONSIDER      term lunch box
817 SAYING mental express PLANNING      visit Globe
818 CONTAINS missing indicate PRESS      continued Calculator
819 RECORDS mountains attend SOMEWHAT      buy Glue
820 TEACHERS occur brother SPRING      lower folder
821 CHIEF porch investment WORKS      included stapler
822 RIVERS pounds score EFFORTS      throughout pin
823 UNCLE rapid organize FEAR      developed tape
824 WISH raw trip LOT      stood I
825 LAKE recorded beyond MEANING      normal you
826 VALLEY recreation sleep NOTE      issues he
827 CULTURE republic fish PLACED      recently she
828 PIECES route promise PLANT      dr it
829 EDGE salary potential TREATMENT      behaviour we
830 POINTS saved energy WAYS      worth you
831 HAPPENS ships trouble BED      treatment they
832 CAUGHT switch relation CARRIED      prime in
833 SPENT tend touch DEGREE      serious on
834 LIST whenever file FARM      energy at
835 VARIETY admitted middle HERSELF      okay under
836 INDUSTRIAL bound bar RESPECT      pounds above
837 APPEAR brush suffer WIDE      previous below
838 BROKEN comment strategy APPARENTLY      scotland behind
839 SKILLS demanded deep GAME      levels front
840 ATOM distinct except LATTER      son between
841 INFLUENCE ease clean MANNER      nor what
842 ACTIVITY editorial tend REACTION      myself where
843 CREDIT environment advance APPROACH      income where
844 INTERESTED excess fill COUPLE      scheme when
845 SEPARATE exists star EASY      significant who
846 EVENTS express network FEED      stay which
847 ANCIENT fed generally IMMEDIATELY      cup why
848 CASH golden operation LARGER      beginning how
849 PROGRAMS guns match LOWER      director how much
850 TOM hardy avoid RECENTLY      reported how many
851 AFTERNOON lots seat TRUTH //2 what else
852 BONES nineteenth throw CHIEF      charge my
853 YELLOW possibilities task DE      doubt your
854 WEEKS prison normal GROUPS      dead his
855 GROWN reactions goal NUMBERS      miss her
856 SAND reduction associate PERFORMANCE      everyone its
857 RAISED reflected blue RUNNING      contract our
858 REASONS regional positive CHARGE      choice your
859 MOTION seeds option DAILY      response their
860 WORKS skill box HORSE      wide never
861 FOREIGN smooth huge OPPORTUNITY      quickly rarely
862 INDIVIDUALS threat message PERSONS      boy sometimes
863 CORNER throw instance UNDERSTANDING      established usually
864 DECIDE urban style ADDITIONAL      pressure always
865 DIFFERENCE bag refer BLOOD      risk because
866 SHOWED comparable cold DESCRIBED      reached and
867 AVERAGE constantly push EUROPE      mark or
868 SOLID continues quarter EYE      direct but
869 RETURNED cooling assume STOP      thank also
870 ART funny baby BASED      defence so
871 HILL institution successful DETERMINED      cold by
872 BODIES involves sing IMAGE      technology from
873 FREEDOM limits doubt MAIN      takes to
874 MEXICO queen competition MARCH      anyway of
875 MEASURE quit theory OH      couple with
876 FACTS rare propose PROGRESS      forces than
877 WAITING rarely reference RADIO      details if
878 BREAK remaining argument RELIGION      continue any
879 BUILDINGS removal adult REPORTED      won whatever
880 MARK seed fly SERVED      consider whenever
881 PROVIDED sell document TECHNICAL      hall whereever
882 QUIET shift pattern TEST      he’d whenever
883 CLOSED spending application APPEAR      shows whomever
884 NEWS we’ve hot BRITISH      france whicever
885 USEFUL anybody obviously DECISION      rates myself
886 SHARE appointed unclear GREEN      plans yourself
887 CIVIL brothers bill MIDDLE      teachers himself
888 DESCRIBED burned search SUN      n herself
889 FEAR code separate WINDOW      loss ourselves
890 TAX criticism central ARMS      ones yourselves
891 SIT customers career CHARACTER      forms theirselves
892 CONTAIN democrats anyway CHRIST      parts LAKE
893 FLOW dependent speech DOCTOR      activities FOREST
894 TEAM drawing dog GUN      produce TREE
895 BIRD eleven officer LEARNED      association RIVER
896 EXPLAIN existed throughout RESPONSIBILITY      generally GRASS
897 RANGE finger oil STEPS      industrial CLOUD
898 AMOUNTS focus dress WRITING      spent valley
899 EXPECTED happens profit ACCOUNT      wish mountain
900 EVENING improvement guess ACTIVITY      appropriate volcano
901 RADIO inch fun FISCAL      activity sea
902 PERSONS painted protect JUSTICE      r island
903 CHOOSE papa resource LENGTH      writing ocean
904 NOTE parallel science POOL      beyond drum
905 SELL permanent disease SERIOUS      peter guitar
906 EARLIER prominent balance AUDIENCE      wall piano
907 MINUTE proof damage CORNER      soviet flute
908 WANTS regarding basis HIT      happy violin
909 MOVES self author LETTERS      colour trumpet
910 AFRAID senator basic NUCLEAR      figures electric guitar
911 BOARD shear encourage OBTAINED      military keyboard
912 EFFECTS shouted hair ONES      allow mandolin
913 METHODS studying male RETURNED      original viola
914 POWERFUL talent operate SLOWLY      specific tambourine
915 EUROPEAN thoroughly reflect TYPES      chairman saxaphone
916 EXAMPLES thrown exercise FORWARD      looks clarinet
917 FINISHED tool useful LIVED      attempt Round
918 PLAYED afford restaurant OBVIOUSLY      park Square
919 REPORT approved income PLANE      claim blonde
920 CROPS arc property POOR      difference brunette
921 ENTIRE assumption previous SPECIFIC      nearly curly hair
922 BOAT atoms dark STRAIGHT      leading straight hair
923 SISTER automatic imagine CHOICE      numbers Asian
924 PRIVATE bars okay DOUBT      e Black
925 DEPARTMENT brings earn FIGURES      sat White
926 MONTH colleges daughter FUNCTION      chief Beard
927 TRAINING comedy post INCLUDE      relations Mustache
928 FIGHT contributed newspaper MOVING      changed Arabic
929 HOPE controlled define OFFICER      potential English
930 SUBSTANCES deeply conclusion OPERATION      reports Chinese
931 HORSES finish clock PARTS      product Danish
932 TOOLS forever everybody ACTIVITIES      firm Dutch
933 DRIVE ill weekend BORN      suddenly (Filipino)
934 SIGN introduction perform CARS      played French
935 BIT joint professional GIVES      basic German
936 GRAY listening mine PATTERN      county Greek
937 STAGE mad debate POET      appeal Hindi
938 DECISIONS neutral memory QUALITY      village Italian
939 EGGS objectives green SAYING      hotel Japanese
940 SITUATION o’clock song SHOT      professional Korean
941 ROSE satisfactory object STAFF      cover Persian
942 ROLE sleeping maintain STAY      demand Polish
943 DIFFERENCES acts credit THOMAS      floor Portuguese
944 INCLUDING clouds ring BALL      fall Russian
945 SPEECH copy discover DESIGN      ideas Spanish
946 STEEL corresponding dead FAITH      opened Turkish
947 DEMAND cotton afternoon PLANS      german Vietnamese
948 SPECIES districts prefer SEVEN      army English
949 SLOW experimental extend WHATEVER      investment
950 DAD experts possibility COMPLETELY      access
951 CAT fifth direction FIRM      unless
952 SPANISH forgotten facility HEAVY      northern
953 EVIDENCE glad variety LACK      meant
954 ALLOWED handed daily MASS      rules
955 FAMOUS handling clothes SPEAK      suggested
956 CHINESE haven’t screen STANDARD      benefit
957 DIVIDED inevitably track WAITING      sorry
958 SPEND instant dance DEEP      effects
959 INDIA onset completely DEMOCRATIC      garden
960 OCCUR organic female DIVISION      independent
961 TELLS random responsibility EFFECTS      appear
962 ENGINE regardless original EXTENT      male
963 PLAYING sharply sister LANGUAGE      unit
964 SERIOUS sister rock STATION      reasons
965 MILLIONS track dream VISIT      stand
966 SAFE transfer nor WISH      page
967 ORGANIZATION turns university AHEAD      summer
968 HUNDREDS voices easily CHICAGO      successful
969 COLUMN accounts agency COUNCIL      hon
970 SIGHT briefly dollar DESIGNED      reading
971 HENRY bringing garden EXPECT      write
972 PRETTY constructed fix HOSPITAL      contact
973 GETS core ahead IMPORTANCE      hour
974 FACTORS deeper cross INCOME      obviously
975 CLOCK distant yeah NEGRO      fish
976 APPEARED drunk weight NONE      published
977 DIRECT fool legal PRINCIPLE      picture
978 DRAWING harbor proposal SEASON      employment
979 CROSS hurt version ANALYSIS      style
980 PARAGRAPH mood conversation CONTINUE      playing
981 MINERALS outstanding somebody CORPS      products
982 TELEVISION plot pound DETERMINE 1//2
983 EATING profession magazine DISTANCE      arms
984 NORMAL stronger shape ESTABLISHED      science
985 KEY strongly sea EXISTENCE      sun
986 PATIENT supper immediately GROWING      aware
987 WALKING swimming welcome INDICATED      win
988 CLIMATE tested smile PATIENT      interests
989 SPOKE tremendous communication PRETTY      rise
990 ESTABLISHED we’d agent PRICE      offered
991 MILITARY admit traditional SERVE      rose
992 SOLUTION atom replace STRESS      resources
993 SUGAR banks judge AFTERNOON      note
994 FUN belong herself APPLIED      showed
995 SIDES camera suddenly ATTITUDE      season
996 MOM cash generation CLOSED      announced
997 BRITAIN classic estimate EASILY      miles
998 CLEARLY columns favorite HARDLY      popular
999 PICKED error difficulty LEADERS      sales
1000 FRESH filling purchase LIMITED     shop
1001 FASTER forty shoot PRODUCTS     economy
1002 POLICE hurry announce REACH     paul
1003 PROTECT jetliner unless SUNDAY     influence
1004 DETERMINE meets independent WRITE     yourself
1005 KNOWS printed recommend AGREEMENT     september
1006 RISE probability survey COMMISSION     gives
1007 HYDROGEN satisfied majority DRIVE     limited
1008 MEAT similarly stick ELEMENTS     advice
1009 STRENGTH supplied request INTERESTED     exactly
1010 SERIES worship rich LORD     events
1011 FUEL affected wind PROFESSIONAL     expect
1012 HIT assistant none REMAINED     event
1013 AFFECT attended exchange RHODE     circumstances
1014 UNDERSTANDING automatically budget SUGGESTED     concern
1015 SEND context famous ATTACK     application
1016 SOLD counties blood CITIES     ensure
1017 NOSE dignity appropriate COVERED     fell
1018 POPULAR fish block CURRENT     prepared
1019 SMOKE lumber warm DESPITE     t
1020 CITIZENS myth count EIGHT     passed
1021 REVOLUTION orbits scene FACTORS     deep
1022 WAIT pat writer JAMES     lives
1023 KILLED patent content SPENT     suppose
1024 DESCRIBE performed prevent CHARLES     appeared
1025 SHOP returning safe EXACTLY     oil
1026 BEGINS revenue invite JACK     thousand
1027 EMPIRE sad mix MARRIED     immediately
1028 SOLDIERS sounded element MOUTH     except
1029 REACTION stores effective PLAYED 1//2
1030 SORT yard correct SCENE     opportunity
1031 DECISION adjustment medical STUDIES     blue
1032 MEDICAL affect admit TEETH     george
1033 DOGS badly beat UNIT     goods
1034 FLOWERS bench telephone BECOMES     prices
1035 TRIP bus copy BUILT     walk
1036 SICK corn committee DATE     lines
1037 SALES currently aware DEMAND     respect
1038 TIRED damn advice DIRECTOR     maybe
1039 SCIENTIFIC golf handle KING     designed
1040 COMPLEX hunting glass MACHINE     college
1041 ECONOMY lee trial NEWS     follows
1042 SCALE lists stress ORIGINAL     ready
1043 CALIFORNIA metropolitan radio PREPARED     useful
1044 EMPTY net administration RACE     raised
1045 PREPARED protect complex RATES     operation
1046 COVER realistic text RELATED     film
1047 SEEDS seldom context RELATIONS     conference
1048 BASE shortly ride RISE     extent
1049 STAR sing directly ROLE     addition
1050 TUBE swept heavy SUPPLY     carry
1051 CAPTAIN tied remove TREES     scottish
1052 COMPLETELY tools conduct DROPPED     window
1053 GIVING vary equipment HEALTH     effective
1054 ISLANDS abstract otherwise PLAYING     returned
1055 PATH beer title RAISED     lack
1056 WATCHING bent extra REASONS     ah
1057 CHAIR bigger executive STANDING     houses
1058 ITEMS branch chair UNLESS     average
1059 SIR burst expensive W     commission
1060 FREQUENTLY campus sample ACTUAL     degree
1061 STUDIES catholics sex CLAY     majority
1062 SALT charter deliver ENERGY     station
1063 QUALITY drill video EVENTS     follow
1064 RACE elected connection MEANT     married
1065 RECEIVE farmers primary BIT     apart
1066 AUNT gift weather FILLED     statement
1067 HOLE harmony collect GLASS     western
1068 COAL involving inform HADN     blood
1069 SUBSTANCE lunch principle TALKING     trust
1070 FUNCTION matching straight BRIDGE     wrote
1071 SILVER quantity appeal CAUGHT     title
1072 PROPER rector highly ENTERED     traditional
1073 HALL rejected trust EVERYONE     standing
1074 LAUGHED rev wonderful FACILITIES     site
1075 PREVENT stems flat FIGHT     election
1076 FACTORIES strictly absolutely HAPPY     hit
1077 SUCCESS adjusted flow HELL     easily
1078 DEPENDS affair fair INSTITUTIONS     existing
1079 THIRTY alert additional JAZZ     accept
1080 AGREED artistic responsible KNOWS     straight
1081 EASTERN benefits farm MARY     television
1082 DATE orbit collection MIKE     jobs
1083 ENTERED cooking hang POPULAR     places
1084 SETTLED crowded negative SHARE     importance
1085 RIDE curt band SIDES     official
1086 DRINK depending relative SOMEONE     standards
1087 LIMITED electronics tour TECHNIQUES     review
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1488 NUTRIENTS targets suspect VILLAGE     examples
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1506 DREAM fans wake FORTH     smiled
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1516 TELLING mars chain WANTS     impossible
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1519 CONSTRUCTION monument threaten DANGER     carefully
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1525 ELECTED port forest INDEPENDENT     solution
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1528 COLORED punishment factory SAN     favour
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1530 KILL rang channel SECTIONS     difficulties
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1549 CONSUMERS murderer insist SEEK     fight
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1553 SEASON bet principal WILLING     items
1554 TITLE blonde master ANCIENT     internal
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1556 CLAY border session ARTICLE     safe
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1559 REALIZED cheek predict BOX     aren’t
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1564 DAMAGE expanded rent DRY     talks
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1566 RATES fitted appearance ELECTRONIC     distance
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1568 HUNGRY founded guarantee EXCELLENT     excellent
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1570 SHOULDER gather theme FIFTY     video
1571 CHAIN grains judgment FRANK     article
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1576 COLONISTS hasn’t elect OUGHT     buildings
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1579 GOAL hospitals comparison POLITICS     increasingly
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1584 BONE minority succeed SIGNS     seeing
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1616 FORGET continental cast CAREER     measure
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1619 ADVANTAGE demanding journey DECLARED     administration
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1623 GOALS directors honor GETS     famous
1624 HUNTING documents outcome GROSS     kingdom
1625 PURE drank blame HANOVER     reality
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1628 COAT ethics musical LA     argued
1629 HEIGHT fathers recover LEGS     museum
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1645 DOCTORS polish selection COMMUNICATION     spirit
1646 MANAGEMENT reactivity anywhere CUTTING     pp
1647 BEN realtors mental DESK     lose
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1845 ROME nursing diet MINE     familiar
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