French Food

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French restaurants are famous in all the word for being elegant and expensive, but that is only a stereotype. In reality, in France, you can eat very well without spending a fortune: just only the bread (baguettes have been invented there, hello!) is fantastic and super tasty even though it is made only with flower, clear water and a bit of salt. France is the birthplace of crepes, as well: almost at every street corner you will be able to find small crepes kiosk serving salty (with cheese and ham) or sweet (with chocolate cream, marmalade or just a bit of sugar) creeps. The smell in the air around those shops is so good that not many people can pass by without stopping and get a bite.

Moreover, France is the country of cheese and wine: every little village produce its own, and they are all excellent. It will probably take a lifetime just to try all of them, but some people could say that that is a life worth to live. Among the most famous French recipes, we can remember the (ratatouille), a mix of garden vegetables such as zucchini, pepper, eggplants (made famous by the latest Disney cartoon) and the French onion soup, a very tasty soup made of cooked onion, bread, and melted cheese.

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