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Germany is the seventh largest country in Europe, and it is the 63rd largest country in the world. Germany has part of the Alps mountains inside of its borders, and it also has the sea to the north. If you are thinking about taking a beach vacation in Germany, though, you might want to think again! The North Sea and the Baltic Sea are not the warmest of waters. One of the coolest things about Germany is that, even though it is not a huge country, its borders touch the borders of nine different countries!


Germany has the 14th largest population in the world, with over 81 million people! Germany has a lot of large cities, and most of its people live in these areas.

capital city & important cities

The largest city in Germany is its capital city, Berlin. About 3.5 million people live in Berlin, and the cities of Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, and Stuttgart stand alongside Berlin as some of the most important cities. In fact, Frankfurt is one of the money capitals of the world! Also, some of the best cars in the world come from Germany, including Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, and Porsche!


The German flag is very easy to spot, and it has very strong meanings for the people of Germany. The flag has three lines that go across it from one side to the other, with yellow on the bottom, red in the middle, and black on top.


Even though Germany likes to have food from other countries, like pizza, pasta, and burgers, they have very good food of their own! Germans eat a lot of meat, usually pork, beef, and poultry. Bread is also a very big part of the diet in Germany. Germans usually eat a lot of food for breakfast and lunch, and they do not eat a lot for dinner. You will definitely find good food if you go to Germany, but you better make sure you get up early and have a big breakfast, because you won’t have much for dinner!


Some of the smartest people in history have come from Germany, and this is not just counting people like Albert Einstein. In addition to the scientists and writers who have come from Germany, some of the greatest classical musicians of all-time came from Germany as well. Guys like Beethoven and Bach changed classical music for all of history, and they came from Germany, and nowadays Germany is doing the same thing with popular music. Germany is the 5th biggest music market in the whole world, and their popular music has fans all over the world!


Just like most of Europe, Germany uses the euro for their money. The euro is the most powerful currency in all the world, and Germany is one of the strongest countries that uses the euro.


People in Germany speak German, but there are also a lot of people from other countries who live in Germany, which means that you will find all sorts of languages in Germany. In fact, a lot of people from English-speaking countries live in Germany, and plenty of Germans speak English as well!

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