Activity Book Instructions

Snakes and Ladders: Page 1

A fun take on the classic game where the object is to get to the trophy first! Requires Dice.



Start at the arrow in the bottom left corner. Roll the dice and follow the board, if you land on a Ladder, climb up to the top of the ladder; It gets you closer to the Trophy. Beware of the snakes! If you land on a snake head, you will slide down its tail back towards the beginning.


Flight or Feather!: Page 2

A fun and silly game where the object is to get to the Star! Requires Dice.



Start at the arrow in the bottom left corner. Roll the dice and follow the board. If you land on a cloud, it will carry you up closer to the star. But look out for those birds! Try not to land on a bird, they will force you back down towards the beginning.


Maze Mania!: Page 3

Help the Princess find her way back to her Castle.

Help the Mouse find his Cheese!



Trace a line from the start of the maze to find a way to the end. Watch out for dead ends, cats and mouse traps!


Find That Animal!: Page 4

Help! The lights have gone out and the Farmer needs help finding his animals!



Try to match the shadowy figures with the animals in the picture.


Flashcards: Pages 5-8

After completing the activities on the back, you can use these cards for practice!



Cut out the cards. Use these to practice the words learned in the lessons.


Find The Object!: Page 9

Help Terry find his favorite toys!


Find the toys displayed at the bottom of the page.


Spot The Difference: Pages 10-11

Can you find the difference between the two pictures?



Spot 4 differences in the pictures.


The Whole Picture: Pages 12-13

How high can you count? to 10? 30? 100?! Connect the dots and help finish the picture!



Connect the dots using the numbers starting with 1 to complete the picture.


Catch Of The Day!: Page 15

These four friends have gotten their fishing lines tangled! Help them figure out what they caught!



Follow the fishing line to figure out which friend caught what food!


Card Craze!: Pages 16-23

Card Games are fun and a great way to practice memory and strategy.



Matching Game:

Cut out 2 sets of the animal cards, mix them up and place them face down on a table. Flip over 2 cards, if they match you get to keep the cards! If they do not, flip them back over and try two more cards.

Tip: if you make note of which cards have already been flipped over, it is easier to find the match!

Go Fish!:

Match the animals to get a set! Cut out all of the cards and shuffle them into a deck. Deal 3 cards to each player. The game starts with the person to the right of the dealer. When it is your turn, ask if the other player if they have a matching card of yours, if they do, they have to give it to you, if they do not, they say “go fish” and draw a card. Try to match 3 animals in a set. Get 3 sets and win!


Scaling the Snake!: Page 24

Try to get to the snake’s head first! Requires Dice.


Start at the tail. Roll the dice and scale up the snake! Be careful, some of those scales are slippery! If you land on an arrow scale, follow the arrow to either jump ahead or fall back down the snake!