Latin America

geography and nature

Latin America is a huge area of the world that includes almost all of Central America and South America. This land includes some of the prettiest places in the world, with some of the coolest wildlife. The Amazon Jungle covers a big part of South America, and there are mountains, jungle, and beaches all throughout this area that people travel to from all over the world.


About 569 million people live in Latin America, and while this might sound like a lot, it sounds like a lot less when you see that India has over 900 million people alone, and China has over one billion! Latin America includes 20 countries, and the biggest in both size and people is Brazil. Mexico has the second most people, and all the other countries are pretty far behind these two.

capital city & important cities

More people live in Mexico City than any other Latin American city. The second and fourth most people live in cities in Brazil, Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and Brazil also has one other city in the top ten, Belo Horizonte. Buenos Aires, in Argentina, and Lima, in Peru, have the third and fifth most people in Latin America.


Food in Latin America changes a whole lot depending on where you go. A lot of the food in Central America is a lot like what we call Mexican food, but there are still some big differences. Once you get down to South America, there can be very big changes in food depending on where you are! While a lot of the parts of the continent that touch the ocean have diets that include a lot of seafood and fruits and meats, the diets inland can be really different. In fact, once you travel into the Amazon, you might not even want to ask what you’re eating!


Music is an important part of Latin culture, as everything from salsa music to techno to pop to hip hop can be found throughout the region. A lot of the towns along the coast, especially in Brazil and Costa Rica, play a lot of music with guitars, and after a day at the beach you can find lots of people sitting in the sand and playing music and singing, even with people they’ve never met before!


The main languages spoken in Latin America are Spanish and Portuguese, but there are also a lot of different languages that are still spoken by the Indians who lived in these parts of the world a long, long time ago. Also, there are places where French is spoken, and several countries in Central America have a lot of people who speak English.

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