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More Questions


How do teachers monitor students progress?

Full student report and individual reports are available on “Teacher dashboard”.


Can children login from their homes for homework?

Yes, each student (sub-account) comes with a login name and a password. They can login from anywhere anytime.


How many teachers can use it?

School subscription automatically comes with one teacher / one admin account. If you need more teachers we can easily create more admin accounts.


My students do not have email addresses, can I still use the system?

Yes, some of our school customers create fake email addresses for students; “john.d@schoolname.com”  etc… With CSV upload method you can assign one simple password to all students at once. Please see CSV upload method here.


Do you have a curriculum or a lesson plan?

Yes, click here to see the lesson plan.


We are planning to start with X amount of students, can we add more students later?

Yes, you can add 10, 25, 50, 100 or more students at once.  Please contact us for subscription links.


Do students see the credit card information?



I have only 6-7 students, do I need a quote?

Not really, 10 students and under, please click here to subscribe directly.


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