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If someone asked you about Turkey, you would know what they were talking about, right? After all, we all eat turkey every year on Thanksgiving. In fact, you might wonder why that person was asking you about turkey in the first place! But did you know that Turkey is also the name of a country? That’s right! And if you’re wondering what continent Turkey is in, stuff starts to get even more interesting. Almost all of Turkey is in Asia, but part of Turkey is in Europe! This is what is called a “Eurasian” country. Turkey also touches the Black Sea on one side, and on the other side it touches the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea.


Turkey is the 37th biggest country in the world, and it has the 18th most people, with about 72 million people living there. Who knew that so many people like Turkey!

capital city & important cities

The capital city of Turkey is Ankara, but it is not the biggest city in the country. The biggest city is Istanbul, which has almost 13 million people who live there! Istanbul is the 5th largest city proper in the world (which means just the people who live in the city, not including the towns right around it).


The flag of Turkey is red, with a white moon and star on it. The history of this flag goes way, way back – as far back as almost 2,000 years!


If you’re guessing that the food in Turkey is mostly turkey, you would be wrong! Most of the food in Turkey is a combination of the foods that are eaten in all the countries around them. This food is from both the Mediterranean Sea region and the Black Sea region, and the most of the stuff that people in Turkey eat is very similar to the countries around them. A lot of these dishes include vegetables and fish…which isn’t quite what you would expect from a country called Turkey!


Because Turkey is one of the oldest regions in the world, with the city of Istanbul having been around for a long, long time, music has been a big part of its culture! Over the years, Turkey’s music has changed with the times. Nowadays, Turkey has their own versions of everything from hip hop to rock and roll, but hundreds of years ago their music was very different from this! Back then, the musicians in Turkey used instruments that were a lot like guitars and violins, but their versions of these instruments were all a little bit different, and this difference gave the old Turkey music a very cool sound that no other countries had.


Turkey uses the lira for their money. They first started using the lira way back in 1844, and even though their money has gone through a whole bunch of changes over the years, the lira has been the main thing that Turkey comes back to.


Inside the country of Turkey, the main language spoken is Turkish. This is the only official language of Turkey, but there are still small groups of people who speak languages that they have always spoken, there are even some radio programs and television channels for these languages.


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