What is new on Dino Lingo portal?

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One of the main features on the new portal is the child in charge learning. With rewards for completing activities, this program facilitates self directed learning for kids and offers monitoring and reporting for parents in the back seat.
At Dino Lingo, we believe how young children learn and engage is essential to their future and we encourage student ownership. Dino Lingo’s new portal promotes critical thinking, accountability for early learners.


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1 – Easy navigation: New top menu allows children to switch between videos, games, books and songs easily.

2 – Earning rewards: The new Dino Lingo portal is designed as an e-learning Game. Children can track their own game history and rewards which is important to their cognitive development. Each Star means a repetition. A dinosaur represents a completed activity.


3- Reports: Monitor your child’s progress report daily​. We offer parents a user friendly tracking and monitoring tool with each membership. Showing completed activities in addition to the time spent on each activity.ow parents can monitor their children’s progress report daily. It is easy to see how much they spent on each activity as well as which activities they completed.


4 – Mobile Compatibility: Dino Lingo is now fully mobile! This is a win win for busy parents and children on the move. Now your child can learn as you travel from doctor’s appointments to playdates. Dino Lingo’s redesigned learning platform fully integrates with your mobile device for a faster and more consistent learning experience on the go.


5 – More content: Dino Lingo’s language learning experience has expanded. Now, with over 26,000 activities including songs, books and stories and over 200,000 pages with games, downloadable materials, cultural information and parental reporting& monitoring capabilities, Dino Lingo offers a more rewarding and richer language learning experience for parent and child.


We hope you will enjoy Dino Lingo’s new portal which is still in progress. We keep adding more features each day. If you notice a bug or a problem please inform us at info@dinolingo.com


Thanks for choosing Dino Lingo.